Join a Newlymom Mom’s Group to meet local moms and find community in a baby-friendly space.

What moms are saying:

“4 of us have a scheduled coffee and stroller walk date next week thanks to you and the mom group! Thank you!”


“First event I went to was the first one since being a mom that I exchanged phone numbers with anyone! I got 2 new friends out of it.”


Loved the [Newlymom Mom’s Group] yesterday! I look forward to making it to more of these and to joining some walks!! Thank you.”

postpartum moms get support at a new moms group

Newlymom groups + events are great for:

  • Moms who want to meet other moms in their community
  • Moms who just need to get out of the house
  • Moms who have questions or are looking for resources

What do we talk about at Moms Group?

Topics vary week to week, based on what people want to discuss. We might talk about: 

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